Kilometers Trip Kilometers Vehicle What happened? Remarks Location
0 284180 Start of the trip - Halifax, Canada
4440 288620 Oil change Done by Canadian Tire St. Catherines, Canada
6823 291003 Greasing the grease nipples - Badlands NP, USA
6970 291150 Engine didn'tn turn off even when we pulled out the key We killed the engine by stepping from the clutch. Could start the engine again as usual. No further problems so far. Badlands NP, USA
8158 292338 White smoke coming out the exhaust right after filling up fuel and engine doesn't run properly (interruptions when accelerating) Report: Stuck in Cody Cody, USA
9675 293855 Leather in car interior became loose We reattached the leather with Gorilla glue. Yellowstone NP, USA
9928 294108 The awning was raised by the wind and bumped into the car -> Aluminium rods were bent We were able to bend the rods a little so that the awning can be rolled up again. Butte, USA
11092 295272 Tire rotation; general checkover including driveline fluids; lube front & rear drivelines, joints and leaf spring pins; replacement of U-joint Performed by 4WheelAuto Edmonton, Canada
11124 295304 Hose of the windshield washer tank became unscrewed --> whole tank drained We could easily attach the hose to the tank again. Grande Cache, Canada
15216 299396 Repeated power failure when starting the heater Addendum: Power supply Inuvik, Canada
15224 299404 Oil change; lube front & rear drivelines and leaf spring pins Performed by Klondike Motors Inuvik, Canada
17163 301343 Wind deflector on the driver's side drops off while driving and is run over by a car on the opposite lane -> A piece of the wind deflector is broken off, but can still be used We're driving with the broken wind deflector for now. Watson Lake, Canada
21404 305584 Greasing of seals and rubber parts of shock absorbers   Astoria, USA
21404 305584 Cabel of a back light broke We could fix the cable by ourselves. Astoria, USA
21820 306000 Engine oil and filter change; Tire rotation Change fluids in front & rear differentials, power steering and clutch; Lube front & rear drivelines, joints, shackles and spring pins; Install new rear pinion seal Performed by Landcruiser Specialties Oregen City, USA


29th of May 2018
Current location: N46.92503°
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